Castaway Music Evenings at Crusoes


Crusoes hosts evenings of live music with dinner


These music evenings are a unique opportunity for you to enjoy the best of live music in an intimate candle-lit venue while savouring great, freshly prepared food 


This is where the real magic of live music can be truly experienced


Crusoes has proudly hosted amazing musicians from our home shores, showcasing the best of local talent, from Donegal to Cushendun (the long way round!) 

Crusoes has also welcomed musicians from across the world, spanning a range of genres,

from Americana, bluegrass, jazz and blues to folk ...

Linley Hamilton  Ronnie Greer  Bap Kennedy  Brendan Quinn  Kaz Hawkins  Pete O’Hanlon  Fiona Trotter  Errol Walsh Ted Ponsonby  Frankie Sewell  Rory Clements  Pat Muldowney  The Daylight Wobblies  Colin Reid  Mark Black Seamus Devenny  Scott Flanigan  Ed Deane  John Leighton  John McFall  Anthony Toner  Kyron Burke  John McCullough  Barry McCrudden  Alan McNicholl  Tony Villiers & The Villains  Mark McKnight  Alan Niblock  Gay McIntyre  Jackie Flavelle  Julie Follis  Tara Hoy  John Trotter  Colin & Janet Henry  Ian McFeron  Amanda St-John Rick Swann  David Lyttle  Tom Harrison  Mark Braidner  Wookalily  Orchid Collective  Dana Masters  Stephen James Sarah McQuaid  Robin John Hurt  Alan Murphy  Jeff & Vida  Al Britten  Trent Wagler & Jay Lapp  Owen Campbell  Andreas Varady Trio  Jude Johnstone  Siobhan Skates  Walter Strauss  Sofia Tolvik  Cam Penner  Shawn Jones  Bob Gross Stephen Inglis  Rackhouse Pilfer  Thomas Leeb  Danny Schmidt  Corinne West  Jerrold Bubyk  Ramon Goose  Woody Pines  California Feetwarmers  Mean Mary  Frank James  The Burying Ground  Fellow Pynins  Company B Jazz Band